How does it work against fire?

Our NON-Toxic fire retardant forms a thermal insulation barrier to prevent the spreading of flames and inhibits the development of the toxic hydrocarbon smoke.

Where is it made?

It is made completely in the U.S.A. from agent to bottling.

Has your product been tested or approved?

Our fire retardant was tested in accordance with NFPA 255 and ASTM-E84 Test for Flame Spread and Smoke Development Values by SGS US Testing for Class A (wood, paper, furnishings etc.) materials. 2011 Approved NFPA 701. Meets most requirements for fire marshals and NFPA 101, Safety Life Code.

How do you apply it?

Our application process mainly is down with an air brush but can also be done with roller or brush.

Is it safe or toxic?

Our retardant is a NON-toxic, NON-corrosive, biodegradable environmentally friendly product that is safe to store or use.

Why do I need it?

In more and more countries it is becoming mandatory to have certain fixtures, furniture’s and structures fire retardant. Fire Marshals will most likely give you a citation if you are not up to code. Our fire retardant already meets many requirements and is being used for these specific applications. Whether you have a private home or office or a business or school, it is important to make sure you keep areas protected against potential fires.

How long does it last?

If the item treated is not getting washed, it will not fade or wear out. However, proper maintenance from dust, smoke etc is required by most Fire Marshals. Be sure to follow these rules accordingly so you do not receive a citation.

Is it a flame retardant spray or fire resistant spray?

Yes, whether it is direct contact with fire or just a few flames, it will prevent items from catching fire.

Can it be used as a fire retardant fabric spray?

Yes, our fire retardant works very well on many fabrics as a fire retardant fabric spray.

Can it be used as a fire retardant wood treatment?

Yes, it works well as a fire retardant wood treatment.